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The episode

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The forest polka - twenty-seventh episode of toon "Moonzy".

The plot

Skip can't dance. But it isn't. The forest polka can make Skip into the real dancer! With this news, Skip wants to join to the contest of dancers. BUT! Caterpillars want to prevent Skip. And when Mr Webber wants to make Poopsie into winner... Skip comes and be winner!

The characters

Skip - the main character. Dance to The Forest polka.

Woopsie - the main character. He want to prevent Skip.

Poopsie - the main character. He comes to the contest of dancers and he is dancer ballerina.

Moonzy - secondary character. He play in concert.

Dottie - scondary character. She play in concert.

Weebee - secondary character. He play in concert.

Mr Webber - secondary character. He is conductor in concert.

Ants - secondary characters. They are visitors of the contest of dancers.

Granny Annie - secondary character.

The interesting facts

  • In this episode the photo of Little Skip is black and white, But in episode "Фотография" aka "Photo", photos are colourful. This episode in Russian only!


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