Moonzy is the main character. He fell from Moon.


Moonzy is pink, has four ears and he is pretty tall, compered to other characters. He has fluffy fur. His fur is so fluffy, that on his palms you could sleep! You can see it in episode "Самые мягкие ладошки" or on english language "The softest palms" (this episode is only in russian)


The Moonzy is very kind character. Habitants of the forest love him because of his kindness and desire to help to others. He never lies.


He was born on the Moon, but then he fell on the Earth in his shell. He has felt in the Pond. On the Earth, Moonzy met a lot of friends. The first of them was Skip.



Skip - it is very first and the best friend of Moonzy, alongside of Dottie and Weebee.


With Dottie he be friend come out very good, in spite of Dottie is crybaby.


The Weebee and Moonzy don't met very well. Alongside of this, they are good friends.

Woopsie & Poopsie

Sometimes caterpillars are frieds for Moonzy. But sometimes they do a lot of different revenges and dirty tricks.

Grandpa Stringer & Granny Annie

Moonzy, of cousre, loves his grandpa and granny, he is respectable and proud of them.


Moonzy is in good relations with all the habitants of the Forest.