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The episode

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The 1 episode of 1 season, published by "Melnitsa".

The plot

It's Moon. There's egg. The egg cracks. The egg hatch into a child. It falls down. He fell in the Pond. It's amazing: where is it? In the water it can make bubbles. Giles Gudgeon sees it. Something catches him. The creature's running! And the baby gets home. Giles Gudgeon and Tina Turtle meet. The creature finds the bed. That's good! But he pulls the rope, and it's dark. Tina turtle doesn't want to listen to Giles Gudgeon and go home. She's sitting on a creature! He thinks Tina's a Turtle egg. The child presses the boot and open the cap! Creature likes it! But "egg" is scared! It is panic in the Pond! The creature run and see the moon. It thinks: if it climbs on a snag, it goes home! But it's not. So it can see on the moon.

The characters

Moonzy - in this episode it is a main character. In this episode it hasn't a name

Giles Gudgeon - secondary character. He is second to see Moonzy.

Fish - secondary characters. They are first to see Moonzy.

Tina Turtle - secondary character. She is forth to see Moonzy.

Mr Crayfish - secondary character.

Water beetles - secondary characters.

Mrs Leech - secondary character.

The interesting facts

  • This episode hasn't video screen saver.


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